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Big Dreams, Small Garden, by Marianne Willburn (Skyhorse Press, 2017)

8.17.17: Big Dreams, Small Garden, a conversation with author Marianne Willburn

I don’t know about you, but I have gardened in a wide – really wide – variety of circumstances. Some lovely and scenic, some not so much. From a 35 foot 5th wheel trailer moving around across the country with containers getting pulled in and out at each location, to a ridgetop lodge home with old growth Ponderosa Pines, sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains, voracious deer and startling rattlesnakes, to the modest but very homey odd suburban lot I garden on now.

I feel pretty confident in saying that in my experience, no home and garden are completely perfect – and yet, they are all just right.

Author and gardener Marianne Willburn seems to come from the same school of thought and experience. Marianne is a Master Gardener and gardening columnist working under the name of SmallTowngardener. She is also the author of a new book out from Skyhorse Press entitled Big Dreams, Small Gardens.

Her motto is: "Don't wait for the perfect place to plant your perfect garden." And, the "perfect" garden is whatever one you have even the smallest amount of time, energy, money, and space for. Right now.

She joins us this week via skype from her mid-Atlantic home and garden to share more. 

Listen here.

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