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Rosa californica - one of the handful of roses native to California. Photo by Jennifer Jewell.

2.16.17 The Roses Have It: Late Winter-Early Spring Rose Care and Rose Societies with Jolene Adams, Recent Past President of the American Rose Society

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In gardening as in everything there are generalists and there are specialists. In my experience in my place, some specialists focus on native plant gardening, some focus on food gardening, and some focus on specific plant groups – like conifers, or orchids or daylilies or ROSES. Among these categories of gardeners, the rosarians stand out.

Maybe this is because roses can and are grown just about anywhere in the world. Their history and mythology runs deeply through the roots of cultures around the world. Roses are among the pluralists of the world. They can be ancient or modern, they can be brassy and bright or elegant and understated. They can be edible, native, tenaciously perennial, fragrant, large, small, climbing, cuttable and endlessly arrangeable. The roses have it all. And late winter, early spring is a quiet time of year for the flowers, but a busy time of year for the plants themselves – with everything from choosing and planting bare root selections to pruning and feeding your established roses.

Joining us today to talk more about the beauty, history, mystery and care of roses, is noted rosarian Jolene Adams. An avid home gardener (with more than 150 roses in her Hayward California home garden), dedicated community rosarian, member of multiple regional rose societies and past president of the American Rose Society.

I have previously written on native roses and on rose hips.

For Rose Societies local to The North State and beyond, here are a few links:

Butte Rose Society:
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Bidwell Heritage Roses:
Sacramento Historic Rose Garden, Sacramento Old City Cemetery:
American Rose Society:

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